3 Big Benefits to Energy Efficient Homes

an energy efficient home built by Cullers HomesIf you are searching for a new home and haven’t considered energy efficient homes, you are missing out on some good benefits. When it comes to home builders in El Paso, there is no shortage. But at Cullers Homes, our energy efficient ratings give us an edge you won’t find elsewhere. We’re here to help!

Better Building Materials

Part of our energy efficiency comes from our building materials and practices. Our contractors concentrate on air sealing, proper spray foam insulation application, and installing energy efficient windows. We do everything possible to ensure the exterior and interior of the home are sealed appropriately. Over time you will notice your HVAC system runs more smoothly and the air quality in your home is better.

Better Appliances

We install excellent appliances in our energy efficient homes. Tankless water heaters, specialized HVAC systems, and even energy saving light bulbs are all installed in every new home in El Paso. We take to heart every detail of the homes we build. Our new builds are a step above the standards you will find elsewhere. Many may think the use of energy efficient light bulbs in our new builds is a silly detail to take so much time on. However, energy efficient light bulbs alone use about 20 percent of the energy of regular light bulbs. They can potentially save a household at least $100 a year.

Lower Utility Bills

All of the details we contribute to building new homes equal out to lower energy bills for you and your family. Most families experience a 30 percent drop in utility bills when they move into an energy efficient home. From more efficient HVAC systems, Energy Star rated appliances and features, to a tightly sealed home, the long-term benefit can equal up to $600 dollars a year. Not only that, there are tax breaks available to homeowners using these products.

Energy Efficient Homes are the Way to Go

We commit ourselves to higher standards in order to provide our customers with a better quality of life. If you haven’t already, now is a good time to consider energy efficient options with Cullers Homes. Aside from great design, luxury features, and excellent customer service, the energy efficiency benefits our new homes will not disappoint. Not only that, in addition to contributing to a healthier environment you will be saving your family serious money every year.  With this in mind, contact us today for more info.